astrid pruitt

Astrid cares most about creating spaces for divergent thinking, and designing systems, practices and communities where people can learn and flourish together.

Raised in a bilingual household that moved often throughout her childhood, Astrid was deeply fascinated by the influence of language and culture on mindset, behavior and education. At Washington and Lee University, she pursued these curiosities through a Bachelor of Arts in both Cognitive & Behavioral Science (Psychology), and East Asian Languages and Literatures (Chinese). There she designed and implemented a Chinese curriculum in local schools, as well as co-authored research on disparaging humor.

From here, she weaved together theory and hands-on learning processes at Kaospilot, an internationally renowned business and design school in Denmark. This Enterprising Leadership degree threw Astrid into the deep end of experiential learning and grew her approach to facilitating systemic change that leverages the capacity of everyone involved.

As a designer and facilitator at Management Savvy, Astrid calls on her experiences as a Collaborative Experience Designer for C2 Montreal and practitioner of Liberating Structures, to playfully curate atypical learning environments that engage people’s senses, disrupt habitual thought patterns and foster unexpected connections. When working on entangled challenges, she generates enthusiasm and optimism in those around her.

She helps individuals and groups be better leaders, colleagues, thinkers, listeners, designers and activists, putting learning at the center of everything she does.